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Adopting a new doggy

By: Mandii Moore
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I am looking into adopting a husky from a rescue group. Her name is Gracie, she is a 4 year old pure white husky. She is a total sweetheart and love to be cuddled. I am really excited, if all goes right when my dad gets his new home we will be able to adopt her and give her a forever home. If anyone has had experience with huskies mind giving me some advice as a first time husky owner?

Mandii Moore
09/23/14 11:42:36AM @mandii-moore:

She will be micro-chipped when she is adopted then i am running right over to petsmart to get her collar and tags. She is going to be an indoor dog and i will bring her out to play and run

09/25/14 10:30:39AM @boubou:

I had a mixed husky with german shepherd from a rescue group. He was my first dog ever. They are beautiful animals but very hard to train...not to train for train for obedience...they are very independent. They are sweethearts!But they love to walk away from home on their own so be careful...You will have a wonderful time together. And they talk a lot (like crying sounds)

09/25/14 10:31:19AM @boubou:

we are waiting for pictures!!!

Mandii Moore
10/07/14 06:47:39PM @mandii-moore:

Unfortunetly someone got her before i could :( I hope she is happy with her new home. I am looking into another husky just need to figure a day to schedule a meeting

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