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grandpa's health is getting worse and it's hitting the family and me hard

By: Mandii Moore
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hey guys, it's been a while since i last spoke. i been holding in a lot of pain recently and its coming to a head tonight. i been watching my grandpa's health slowly deteriorate into the point he is now. i have seen this before last year with my late great grandma.

today my mom started to have to find the durable power of atterny paperwork and we need to get a hold of hospiss to care for him. it's like history is repeating itself.

So to let you know whats happened, my grandfather had a massive stroke late last year, before that he used to smoke a lot which is what clogged the arteries to his brain that lead to his stroke. the doctors said he most likely wasn't going to live, but he was a stubborn and proved them wrong. he went to rehab and was doing fantastic he was walking starting to talk and read and he looked great. all of the sudden maybe a month or two ago he started to decline. he stopped walking, he hardly talks, and now he doesn't want to eat.

i keep holding onto the hope he would just be stubborn and get better but that hope is vanishing.

tonight about an hour ago my grandma woke me up crying. i let her into my bed and let her cry for a while and i calmed her down and helped her get back to sleep. now i am wide awake and have been crying ever since she fell asleep because i don't want her to see me break down.

i just felt i needed to post this because i know many of you will listen and that's what i really need right now. and my family needs all your prayers

Mandii Moore
07/08/14 10:46:31PM @mandii-moore:

thank you for your kind words everyone. it brings tears to my eyes reading these. it gives me strength knowing i'm not really alone during these times. your words really do help me so thank you so much for listening

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