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stress beyond stress

By: Mandii Moore
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so this year and last year havent been that great. last year my great grandma died and earlier this year my grandpa had a massive stroke. well last night he had another minor stroke. i am so afraid to loose my grandpa. my grandma has been so upset and stressed and i can sense it, so on top of my own fear and stress (the stress mostly from college) i have hers to bare also. i feel so overwhelmed like i am about to break.

Mandii Moore
06/15/14 01:01:05PM @mandii-moore:

thank you DoorMA49. i just am going through some painful times and i try finding time to recharge. I watched my great grandma begin to die last year when she went on hospis. watching her slowly deteriorate was very painful. now it feels like a repeat now with my grandpa. my grandma just lost her mother now she is losing her husband. its horrible to feel her sorrow so much. i am her rock, i'm the rock of the entire family, i act like the emotional stable one and let them all fall on me. but all that weight is crushing me. i need a good release

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