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a step closer to my dream

By: Mandii Moore
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So my dream is to be an event planner and to make people happy with the things i create like weddings. well today i got my first interview ever for an internship, this internship is event planning internship. what i am going to do is start helping put together fund raisers and such to fund a school beautification project that will make schools better for under privileged children and schools. the interview went amazing! wish me luck as i travel the roads to my dreams

Mandii Moore
06/06/14 11:12:21AM @mandii-moore:

Thank you Lightworker your words always brighten up my day ^.^ it means a lot you always are looking at what i got to say :) have a great day :) happy loving thought go your way

Mandii Moore
06/07/14 12:36:11AM @mandii-moore:

will do ^.^

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