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when i was in gradeschool i was constantly bullied. it was an endless thing from kinder to 4th then 6th to 8th (i was placed in a different school after 4th grade but it was shut down so was put to another new school)

in the years between kinder to 4th i suffered physical bullying and mental bullying. i was told i was a freak of nature and i didnt belong alive. i had one friend during those times and he was put in the hospital for protecting me from my bullies. whenever confronted with the principle the principle would always say it was my fault. i was in detention more than i could count basically from attempting to escape my bullies. when they hurt me though they didn't get in any trouble. it hurt me a lot. what was strange was whenever the bullies who were mean to me were upset i had to go to them and help them. i didn't know at the time i was an empath. over the years i couldn't really hold a grudge against anyone (except two girls who were nasty to the core)

what confused me though was a lot of the people who disliked me when they looked into my eyes were scared of me. some people who attempted to be kind to me would look in my eyes and say how beautiful they were.

i know these events are long in the past but i like being able to get them off my mind

05/27/14 04:46:18AM @paul:

Mandii, you seem to be living from the outside in. Try it the other way from the inside out. Those who miss it, its their problem and loss to them not you. They sense and can't understand why you have it and they don't.

Mandii Moore
05/27/14 09:11:06AM @mandii-moore:

Thank you DoorMA49 it means a lot, i am sending you some love too.

i hate to admit it its because of the things people said before i am very self conscious about a lot of things now, i lack a lot of confidence

Mandii Moore
05/28/14 05:46:01PM @mandii-moore:

i am sorry to hear you suffered as a child Cathy :( you are a beautiful person with a beautiful gift

Mandii Moore
05/30/14 07:26:41PM @mandii-moore:

thank you all of you :) i have tried many times to get my feelings out but many i try speaking to would tell me no one wants to hear my life story. it feels so good just to be able to get these things out and have people who are willing to listen. it means so much to me

05/31/14 01:18:41PM @paul:

I just remembered that when young, maybe about 8, I was being a much bigger goon. I faked running away and turned on him and punched him in the face so hard that he flew back and landed on his back and did not get up. Never had any trouble from the goon and he left me all alone. He he, thanks, I had forgotten that...

Mandii Moore
05/31/14 02:19:06PM @mandii-moore:

i do my best to listen to those who truly need it. i wear my heart on my shoulder a lot. i am the one people go to cry

Mandii Moore
05/31/14 10:26:26PM @mandii-moore:

thank you all again i really don't know where to begin to say how much all of you have helped me in such a short time. all your words really do help me so much

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