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empath with a horse

By: Mandii Moore
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this happened a few years back. my dad had a girlfriend with horses. i always loved horses but there was a horse there that was different than others. she was a beautiful blond mare. her other two horses were very friendly but this horse wasn't. she ran away from any human who went near her. come to find out that horse was abused by her previous owner. i instantly felt a pull and a sadness and fear from her before i even knew her story. i spent many days just watching her trying to let her know i cared about her. slowly she started to let me walk closer to her. one day i had a hand full of hay and held it out to her i went to the distance she allowed me to go to her and i just waited. she looked in my eyes and walked to me and ate from my hand. it was the first time she ever willingly went to a person. the sadness from her broke my heart. i loved that horse so much. i miss her but i cant see her anymore my father broke up with the girl a couple years ago. there are days that she crosses my mind and my heart goes out to her

Mandii Moore
05/24/14 09:23:59PM @mandii-moore:

i believe she moved away actually which is sad

Mandii Moore
05/25/14 10:41:49AM @mandii-moore:

Thank you Lightworker that was beautiful thank you i needed that

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