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going to alaska

By Mandii Moore, 2015-06-30

hey everyone it's been a long time since i been on here. I wanted to let you know i'm doing fantastic! My family and i are going to alaska in a week. I am so excited to go there and see the totem poles and see how life is there! I'm turning 21 while i'm there too it is like a great unofficial birthday gift

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Spring is great

By Mandii Moore, 2015-03-25

Spring is a wonderful time of year, everything feels so alive and nothing I enjoy more is the rain that comes this time of year. A couple days ago a thunder storm was coming so I decided to just sit outside and watch it grow near. The sound of thunder and the lightning strikes were just so magical and you could smell the rain in the air even though the rain didn't start yet. I sat and watched the clouds come closer and breathed in the calming scent of the moist air. I went inside as the rain began and sat with my puppies and just rested to the sound of rain and thunder.

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My friend from college has been kidnapped

By Mandii Moore, 2015-03-11

So Monday morning my friend Sahray Barber was on her way to school/work (she works at the school to help pay for her school bills) around 6a.m. Hours after she was supposed to arrive, she never did. She was reported missing and the cops found her phone and laptop in a bush. Some people at the apartments she lived at said they heard screaming around the time she went missing. She went missing right across from cal state university San Bernardino where there have been recent of attempts from a man to abduct and rape girls.

Yesterday the news covered the story but no new evidence has been found. I am so worried about her. I been hoping and praying she is alive. My father, mother, younger brother, my dog, and I walked through the hills behind the college in an attempt to find any evidence. There was no luck.

I wish I would have a dream or vision or a feeling that would help locate her.You watch about things like abductions on tv and watch the csi shows but there is nothing that can really prepare you for when the actual thing happens. Sahray has been missing for two days and nothing has been really found about where she is. My mind just keeps thinking of all the what ifs, what if she is dead, what if she is being tortured, what if she is being raped. Then i think how scared and alone she must be. How i feel must be just a fraction of the fear of her family. I ask everyone to keep Sahray Barber in your prayers and thoughts, that she may be found and returned to her family and friends.

If any of you have information on her please contact the authorities. Or if any of you get a vision about her please let me know and I will tell my father who is a Sheriff and he will check it out. Here is an article with her picture:

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hey all! Update!

By Mandii Moore, 2015-02-24

Hey everyone, I know it has been a while since I last blogged. I have gotten a lot better! I am not as upset as I used to be, I feel a lot happier and I am loving school and I am doing world cuisine this quarter. I also got 2 new puppies two days ago, they are little cockapoos named Elsa and Anna. They are total sweethearts and I love them so much. I have a special connection with little Elsa, I feel like she picked me. I feel very happy holding her close, she is a very special little girl. I just wanted to give you an update.

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A dream or more?

By Mandii Moore, 2014-12-10

So a couple weeks ago I was having trouble falling asleep, I finally passed out around two in the morning. In the dream I was just laying in my bed and then like playful ghost like activity occurs. I decide to roll over in my bed and I see my grandpa there. My grandfather passed away a couple months ago. I couldn't believe my eyes. My grandfather just smiled at me then hugged me. I started to cry some in the dream and my grandpa started cheering me up like he used to. I told him how much I missed him and how much I love him. He told me he loved and missed me too. We just chat for a while and then I asked him how Heaven was like, he told me it was amazing and how beautiful it was. The dream ended soon after, I woke up smiling and crying some. Ever since I had that dream I been wondering if it was really just a dream or a way for my grandfather to let me know it is ok. What do any of you think?

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By Mandii Moore, 2014-11-16

So I am starting to feel better everyone. My grades are going back up! I actually got a B+ in a class and have an A in my cooking class. I am still going through some depression. I think the hardest thing for me was I wasn't able to tell my grandfather how much i loved him before he passed away. What I long for is one more day to tell him how much i love him and miss him. I want him to tell me something funny to cheer me up and tell me don't worry about the bullies.
Ever since my depression started i find it harder for me to sense anyone else's emotions.

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on and off depression

By Mandii Moore, 2014-10-27

Ever since my grandfather passed away I have been feeling myself falling down. I can't focus on my schooling anymore and I spend much time at night crying. I am afraid to show my feelings to others and I just am not myself lately. I just don't know what to do. I keep telling myself it's ok but I really don't feel ok. What can I do? Can anyone help me get back to myself.

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Daily update, 10/6/2014 - 10/7/2014

By Mandii Moore, 2014-10-07

Yesterday I went back to school for another quarter of college. On my way to school I heard a song on the radio that made me think of my grandfather and I ended up crying for a bit before class began. When I finally got into class it felt good to be back in the kitchen. I really needed to be back in the kitchen to distract my mind from the things that have been going on in my life. I am taking the garde manage' class. We learned how to pickle things and to cure meats. I volunteered to be our sou chef of the class. I never really get put into a position of leadership so I am a bit scared.

Today we smoked the meats we cured yesterday. We smoked bacon, canadian bacon, and pork tenderloin. Can you say yum? Unfortunetly I learned that being a leader makes everyone except a few people hate me. I really haven't done anything to make anyone dislike me but I hear them call me names behind my back, even this 68 year old woman is treating me bad. My job is simply to assign cleaning jobs to our class, make sure everything is cleaned and tidy before we go, and organize food in the fridge. I tell the class who is doing what and I get nasty looks. I never see anyone treat any other suos in other classes like this. It's upsetting but o well, what can I do.

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