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Feeling Changes during the Mercury Retrograde

By: Lotusfly
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My energy level has been similar to a wave lately, though mostly on the low end. Today, however, I felt the high end of the wave, which was wonderful. I wanted to stay there. But shortly after I took a short rest to read, I became extremely drowsy and, once again, needed a nap. My nighttime sleep is light and broken up.

My appetite has changed too. When I once ate three hearty meals a day, I now get full on half the amount, so I need to eat smaller, more frequent snacks. I don't like any dense or spicy foods anymore. Though I'm easily gaining weight, not sure why, other than due to the lack of energy and appetite shifting.

I'm trying to listen to my body through these changes. It feels spiritual. Though it could just be because I'm in my mid-30s :)

Just thought I'd share in case anyone is going through something similar.

09/15/16 01:46:13AM @areyoulivinglifeforward:

This MR is killing me! I'm completely and entirely thrown off and out of whack. It's incredibly overwhelming and I usually have a good grip on my empath side.