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By: Lotusfly
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The other day I walked in the woods for 2 hours. It was a struggle for me because it was cold, but I listened to my body and my intuition to enjoy it and learn from it the best I could. So I took several breaks. The first one, I sat down on a rock to eat part of my brunch that I had taken with me. I had the sudden feeling that I was happy and peaceful in that moment and didn't want to be anywhere else. Right then I had the urge to look up and slightly back and to my right, and when I did there was a large owl perched high on a tree branch. I could see him clearly, and later, upon research in a local bookstore, I found out he was a nocturnal owl, so he was sleeping at the time. It was as if I found him. My soul led me to that rock (I had considered sitting down to rest in other spots but chose that one). He even opened his eyes when I talked to him (like I said, I didn't know he was sleeping until later, and he was so high up that even with my glasses on I couldn't tell if his eyes were opened or closed, but he opened his eyes when I talked and then closed them after). He was a fully mature owl. They are rare this time of year. He is the first owl I've seen in my spiritual journey. I've heard the sound of an owl lately but I literally sat down underneath him without even realizing. It was an area slightly off the path.

Just before moving to my current location in October, I had purchased a paperweight that is simply a smooth, ceramic oval (about 5 inches in length), cream color, with a brown, painted owl. I met someone in the store the day I bought it and we were chatting about our beliefs and she asked me if I was a "tree hugger." I said "no...I'm nothing...just spiritual." I had asked her, somewhat jokingly, if she thought the owl paperweight would make me wise. She said, "only if you think it will."

I am so spooked by this I can't explain. I don't know if I am creating my reality or if my environment is. I don't know if I am being led by my soul/God or if others are. I think it's all one. But I want to be free of all conditioning/messages from others/environment and find my true self and the real truth. Because I feel as if we are not living the way we should and none of us know the truth. I want to live an authentic life; not one predetermined for me. I want to know the source of life. What truly created us. The meaning of life. All of the great questions :)

I keep being proven wrong every time I think I know, lol! I want to do a soul search, a real one. I want to uncover the truth. Go to the source. I want to travel to the higher realms to get some real answers...

03/22/16 03:05:49AM @dice:

The woods are my favorite :)

03/22/16 04:33:24AM @lotusfly:

Nature is my world now, Dice :) Glad you enjoy it too!

03/22/16 11:20:48AM @cplove33:

When my son died almost 2 yrs ago....i would sit on his front porch and there always these 2 cardinals (male and female, my son and my mother who loved and collected cardinals) that would fly around in the little field across the street. One day i couldn't handle the chaos inside and went and sat on the steps and waited for him to come out. He did, he flew into the tree in the yard, sat on a branch and just watched me. For as much sadness as i felt in his loss, I was feeling a calmness watching this bird. My granddaughter has had a cardinal following her since she was a baby (my mother would have loved being a great nana)....one day my son went to check on her she was at the dining room window and there sat a cardinal on the window sill and they were just looking at each other. My granddaughter is very aware of what cardinals mean when sees them. great story by the way.....i love nature but i am more a water baby than anything. the sounds of the ocean always calm me!

03/23/16 08:35:44PM @lotusfly:

Thanks for sharing your story, Love. It is very beautiful and wonderful that your son visits you through cardinals.

I have no human children, but my last cat, who I raised from 8 weeks and died this past Christmas Eve at age 10, visits me in the form of other cats and squirrels <3

Happy to hear you enjoy the ocean sounds. I do too. They are so peaceful and tranquil :)