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The Key to Happiness

By: Lotusfly
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The true beauty and love and joy and fulfillment in life is right around us. It is right before our eyes.

Many of us are very caught up in our thoughts, in what we are planning, doing, wanting, worrying, and dreading, that we are missing it...

The Present Moment: listening and observing what's happening around us, at this very moment, in this very second. Because, when we listen and look and sense, we are not able to think anything unnecessary that is not based on that moment.

The Gift is right before us: The Present. If someone had put a bow on it, most of us would still have missed it.

I hope you don't! Can you see it? Can you see the gift? The magic in the present moment?

Forget all else, because the present is all that matters. The past determines who we are right now, so forget about it -- if you want something different. The future is simply what you Anticipate it to be... which won't even happen if, for example, an asteroid collides with Earth one second from now.

The present is all we have. Really, truly. Live in it, and enjoy it, before it passes you by.

Much love~