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New Year

By: Lotusfly
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Tomorrow will be the first day of a brand new year. It will also be my birthday. My gift to myself is to go into my cocoon for a while and do some digging and churning, to hopefully emerge as a better person in the Spring. I hope to work on self-discovery, self-sustainability, independence, minimalism, mindfulness, health, spirituality, giving, emotions, karma release, acceptance, unconditional love, kindness, balance, inner peace.

May you have a blessed New Year~


01/01/16 07:27:45AM @marta:
Happy birthday!!! And happy new year :)
01/10/16 05:10:02AM @karma:

Hi :)

Happy Belated Birthday....

It was my birthday only 3 days ago.

As silly as it may sound, you have stated `Karma release` in your words and I believe, my dear you may be on to something :)

I feel its apt :)

A Belated Happy New Year also :)