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Teachers and Lightworkers

By: Lotusfly
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I see Elise as a teacher. A wonderful soul who shared her knowledge freely, and simply, out of the kindness of her heart, because she empathized with others like her, wanting to help us by putting the information out there for when we sought it and when we were ready for it. She has no hidden agenda.We need more teachers in this world, people willing to share their knowledge to help others help themselves, just because. Just because we are one in the same.This world doesn't need leaders. Hitler was a leader. He did bad things and was killed for it. Jesus was a leader. He did good things and was killed for it.We need equality, and that means less leaders and more people helping people by helping themselves. And people helping people who feel like victims to feel able. And people who are neither victims nor leaders just may bring out the empathy in those who have rejected it in themselves, through the loving kindness and compassion that is in their heart, that is in all of us.I feel that, as empaths, as humans, if we want to make a difference in this world, change it for the good (which is everyone's underlining desire right now), it will not be accomplished through more division, more separation...but through relating, integrating, and coming together as one...one world.If we want more empaths in this world, we should not seek to separate ourselves from others, but to show empathy to those who appear to lack it. Because we are all empaths. Some of us just built a wall against the pain and haven't let it down yet.Let's be the light that pierces the wall, making a small crack that will allow the wall to naturally crumble.That is a lightworker. Someone who shines their light and it puts cracks in people's walls. Not someone who seeks to separate and alienate empaths, and make them feel like they are less than, even amongst other empaths. That is no different from how the "normal" world is run.When you look at it, we are no different from any other. And seeing our similarities is what will set us free and unite us at the same time.Loving light~Lotusfly