Letter to a friend

By: Logan
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We all suffer. But trying to save our suffering loved ones could be compared to embracing a thrashing drowning victim. Deep down we all know to throw a life-preserver and not ourselves. But we also desperately want to show them the way out. Be warned that the moment you take their hand, you take on their delusion, and you have signed your own death sentence.Our true power comes from being the awareness that recognizes our emotions and our loved ones emotions, but does not allow them to control our lives. Empathy and compassion are the ability to be present and understanding -- not from begetting more suffering, that is just self defeating.I wrote the above for my empath friend who was going through an anxiety attack about what we all have experienced, clinging to a loved one who doesn't care for us, and yet we still desperately try to fix them. In the process of which we lose ourselves-- our integrity, and we are drowning with them in a black ocean of unconsciousness.
12/01/15 02:13:16PM @parisa:

That's exactly what it feels like- drowning. :/