My world is Blue

By: Logan
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Your blue is a spaceship. Somewhere inside the thick metal walls, a girl is wrapped up and naked in her favorite costume. Somewhere in the body of that ship, she is suspended in the strange black bloodstream of the universe. They say blood is blue before red, but I wonder, what is the color inside your vessel. Vessels you sleep in, vessels that travel from the heart to the brain of your ship, and dreams seem like forever when your traveling at the speed of thought.
Blue is the planet that is entreating your spaceship, begging you to step out of your costume and dance, until blue water is filling up your ears and your eyes.
In a dream you forget to close the hatch, and a faraway planet moves in closer, faster, almost swallowing your tiny body in blue. A weary blue face watches you sleep, and a strange new color is formed as you drift off together, a star alight, in the lonely black body of the universe.

11/30/15 07:38:38AM @bing:

You are connected to the Pleiades people. They appear as blue energy beings, like angels and as the energy levels of this world are changing ( Lightworkers elevating, shadow people regressing ) you will feel them more around you and working with you. You will begin to have an increase in AHA moments of great clarity. You may also start to " see" people in a telepathic manner when your eyes are closed that appear quite clear and that you feel a connection with. You may notknow any of these people, but you will KNOW them from a connection of spirit. I think that you would enjoy watching the Netflixseries Sense8 . It is quite popular with empaths and "Blue People". I know a Blue Person empath and he can use energy in amazing ways. You should learn Qi Gong as it is more spiritual than yoga and will help you learn more about energy manipulation to heal and create.It is like yoga 3.0 I can send you some links that will help you understand more about this if you wish.

Throw some love into the wind.


12/03/15 09:07:24PM @logan:
Thank you so much Bing!!! I'm actually studying Qigong now, it is changing my life in the most incredible ways!I would be so so grateful if you could send me some links!:)Thank you again!