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Am I an Empath?

By LoconnorO, 2016-05-01

Hello, I'm very new to the whole Empath thing, but I really need to know if what I experience does make me sound like an empath or not... I plan to explain what I feel and experience and if you could please let me know if it sounds like I'm an Empath to you or not...

Ever since I was a little kid I remember always being able to "feel" other people. To me it's extremely easy to believe in us all being so much more than just this body because I literally have felt things from everyone all my life.

I've had about 3 times where I was around different women and then I noticed that her "vibe" changed and suddenly couldn't shake the feeling that she was pregnant, or I couldn't help but want to ask her if she was pregnant... come to find out around 1-3 weeks later that in all cases, they were. This really scared to be honest.

I get weird feelings around different people feeling some sort of strong emotion. The most recent thing that happened along these lines is that I was sitting next to a friend and immediately after this friend sat next to me I knew something was wrong. I started to cringe on the half of my body closest to him and I started having a mini panic attack because I knew something was making him extremely angry/upset. I ended up being able to ask him what was wrong and he did have something wrong, but I it scared me so bad that I knew something was wrong and felt that horrible sitting next to him, and I was literally still shaking from sitting next to him being that upset for over an hour after being next to him. This has happened MANY times... that was just the worst example of the recent times its happened.

I get a weird feeling about certain rooms and places. I cannot sit in certain seats after people because it is too uncomfortable (I guess the person before me had really bad energy or something). Some rooms I get claustrophobic in because the feeling of the room. It can be a huge room with not a lot of people in it, but I know that some of the people have really bad energy and its literally exhausting to be in those rooms.

After I get alone time I always feel so much better (both after and during really). I find that I can relax the most in either an empty room or outside alone. It's weird because I love people and being around them, but I have to have my alone time or I literally become the most anti social person you will ever meet.

Besides that stuff, all my friends and literally everyone around me tells me I'm the nicest guy they've ever met. People open up to me really easily, which I love because I try to seem nice and smile to everyone. I naturally care about people which I love. It's hard for me to be able to not care about someone. I take criticizm a little too well... And it's not just criticism, if someone yell at me or embarasses me, everyone else around me will get mad at the person and say that they would be so mad and hate that person, but it's just hard for me to get mad at them. I guess I understand why they yelled at me and I know it helped them to yell at someone. I also love having pets and plants like some of the websites say. I have a soft spot for plants that look neglected and I always love dogs and other animals.

So anyway if you read all the way to here, thank you so much. I've never been able to identify and relate to anything like I do to Empath communities so I am really hoping that I'm an Empath. But yeah please just leave a comment on what you think. Am I an Empath? or am I something else lol... Thank you!

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