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Power to control the future.

By: lizw47
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One of the things I've dealt with as an empath is the ability to sense what is going to happen... I can read into things, beyond distance and time. I can feel what others are feeling.

Another aspect of this is sometimes I wonder if I can actually control what happens in the future.

As an example, a few weeks ago things had gotten to be too much with some of my coworkers, there was a lot of negative energy floating around and I went through and made a mental list of who I would like to see quit so that my workplace would be a nice place to work. That was a couple weeks ago. Since then, half of those people have quit or been terminated.

Is this all just a coincidence? Is this something outside of the realm of empath? I feel stupid even asking if this is possible. I'm a pretty logic-minded person so I'm okay with being told that controlling the future just isn't possible. Guess I just wanted to talk to somebody about this who might have experienced similar.

06/23/16 11:28:24AM @seanw4202:

You need to see time as a single thing, rather than a past and future, I feel often times like i'm watching rather than living or experiencing, I am a very intuitive person, often knowing pretty much anything, and with more accuracy the less I actually think about it, there is a side of me that thinks i'm already dead and this "life" is just what had happened... I feel like everything is familiar, anything, everything new seems so fitting, I am very rarely surprised by much... So, having said that, how are/can we control the future? There are many scientific theories that could plausibly deduce that we are not changing the future, rather creating a parallel universe/traveling to another plane of existence in which was created by your consciousness alone, which is to say how do you know your not the only soul in your existence, and everyone else is a construct of your consciousnesses interpenetration of reality via energy/atoms/protons/neutrons/quarks/dark matter? Every conversation, every lover, every person you have ever met or seen, is nothing more than your subconscious, if I feel this way than right now I am talking to myself, which is not surprising to me as I have been believing what I want and the strangest things have been happening, as if I realized how to control the universe simply by projecting, how to control my universe, my life, if I choose to view everyone else as myself, does that make me the most selfish, or selfless person on earth? I don't even know that one, however I find peace in believing there is only one soul experiencing all life and time simultaneously, and as our commutative soul grows, we being realizing the control we have over it, as consciousness becomes aware of itself, just like we are made of atoms, hence atoms discovered themselves consciously WTF... what you feel goes much deeper beyond our understanding, all I can say is you are the master of your universe, remember how it feels when you have a bad feeling, or a desire you never had, that deep yearning, apply what you want with that emotion, don't want it to happen, don't believe it will happen, know it will happen because it will.... and strangely..... it will, I've turned myself white and every hair on my body stands up when one of my own constructs becomes reality, its scary....

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