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Power to control the future.

By lizw47, 2016-06-21

One of the things I've dealt with as an empath is the ability to sense what is going to happen... I can read into things, beyond distance and time. I can feel what others are feeling.

Another aspect of this is sometimes I wonder if I can actually control what happens in the future.

As an example, a few weeks ago things had gotten to be too much with some of my coworkers, there was a lot of negative energy floating around and I went through and made a mental list of who I would like to see quit so that my workplace would be a nice place to work. That was a couple weeks ago. Since then, half of those people have quit or been terminated.

Is this all just a coincidence? Is this something outside of the realm of empath? I feel stupid even asking if this is possible. I'm a pretty logic-minded person so I'm okay with being told that controlling the future just isn't possible. Guess I just wanted to talk to somebody about this who might have experienced similar.

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