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About a year ago I found out I was an empath and I couldn't have been more releaved. I spent years depressed, anxious and often suicidal because I had no idea that I was taking in so much energy all the time. When I found out a weight lifted off my shoulders, it was truly amazing. I always felt "different" in the sense I knew and felt things and had "weird" experiences than others (my great grandmother after she passed used to visit me when I was younger, often times I was dismissed by family members making me feel crazy.) Once I realized I was empathic so many new doors opened up for me; I began reiki certification courses and even taught myself how to read Angel oracle cards. I had never felt more connected to higher self. My strongest 'clair' is definitely clairsentience {clear feeling} although I can be very clairvoyant {clear seeing}, claircognizant {clear knowing} and clairaudience {clear hearing} at times. I have always felt a very strong bond with all types of animals, just by looking at them it's as if I've known them my entire life and can read into their emotions. Also with people too, it feels as though I'm mind reading at times because I will know what someone is about to say or do. Especially with people that I'm very connected with. I can also walk into somewhere and just instantly feel the energy of the place and people. Places with a lot of history feel like they come alive when I'm there because of all of the energy. Sage is my best friend, at all times. It's a must as an emapth to regularly clear any energy so it doesn't create physical, mental and spiritual blockages. I know that I was sent to earth as an earth angel to bring healing light to the world. It took me years of frustration and unhappiness to figure out that nothing was really wrong, I was actually just gifted.

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i understand you. I went thru similar life experiences as yours. Iam new to this (empathy)...i only very recently discovered that i too am an Empath . I am trying to learn as much about it as i can so i can heal, better myself and move onto greater things. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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