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Happy to be here

By Linda, 2015-05-28

A co-worker of mine posted an article by Alex Myles on facebook. I half heartedly started reading but soon became mesmerized. I had no idea there was a name or that there were more people like me. I grew up under an older brother that was smart and great in school. I was always told that I did not apply myself. I would have applied myself if my mind did not continuously take me to far away places that were much more interesting. I've lived with doubt, guilt, and an uncanny almost psychic ability that has frightened me in the past.

I am a loner but I love people and can be the life of the party. But only for a moment. Then I have to excuse myself to a quiet area to be alone. During my fathers wake at the funeral home I became overwhelmed. Some was grief but it seemed the teams of people were impossible. My brother found me in a sitting room. I had to get away. This happens in most occasions. I hope that I can learn from this group and stop some of the emotions or learn to manage them. After reading I have discovered two of my daughters are Empaths. I hope I can learn enough to help them. One fights depression the other felt every spirit in every house we lived in. It does not scare her since she has become an adult. We bothare drawn to the supernatural. Again, I am happy to be here and will enjoy sharing my experiences in hope of healing.


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