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To Love Like an Empath....

By LillianVonOliver, 2015-05-16
Of all I have learned about being an Empath one lesson stands out the most- the lesson of love. I often wonder how others experience and perceive love. Whether it be for a friend, a family member, a pet, a mate, etc. For me at least, love rivals anguish... It's unrelenting, all consuming, the most wonderfully bearable pain. It physically becomes painful when you find yourself loving, caring, appreciating something/someone so much.When you find yourself breathing for that one thing... When nothing else in life matters... When the world literally stops... Thoughts of sadness seem to creep to the forefront- at what point will it end? I do my very best to relax and enjoy every moment however my heartbreaks. Logically, everything must change, everything will cease to exist. It's so difficult to find something so special, rare and pure.I know we all have our own stories to tell... Some better and some worse than I... For me, I only know and understand what it is I've lived. I know my triumphs, my joy, my despair, my anger, my hopes... When you finally after years of deep sadness and uncertainty find exactly what it is you have been missing... Instantaneously, as if all ceases to exist... For you, for them, for that one moment when your life will forever change. There is no wondering, nor denying what it is...All else will question your state of mind, your ability to understand reality, your willingness to be reasonable. These are the moments, the pivotal events in life where you make a choice that will forever alter your course in life. Trust yourself... All of which you have... Or trust the flippant words of others. With every no I said yes... With every doubt I confirmed with certainty. There comes a point in all of our lives I suppose where we trust our gut... By this I mean every fiber of our being compels us... Logic and reasoning no longer seem to factor into our decisions.It's that deep resonating, nagging feeling of... "I just know." There is no explanation which will satisfy others. Nothing you can say nor do to change their feeble minds... You just go... You just do... You make your reality by any means necessary. For those I love who are not empathic will never truly understand why it is I do what I do... Why I think what I think... Nor feel how I feel. Troubling, yes... The reality of my life, yes. Sometimes, it is what it is...When I center myself... Let go of everything else around me... When I venture deep inside I receive the most concrete confirmation... These are my choices, my thoughts, my feelings... My life which I'm willing to risk. Above all love, is trust... Not with others .. But with yourself... Trust your intuition, your ability, your experience, your mind, heart and soul. If we can just remain quiet we can experience truth... To my empaths... We know what we know... Why I have not a clue... But what I do know... A true empath can see not only the truth of others but the truth for themselves... You just have to be willing to listen.
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