By: Lavinia
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I used to think I only attract weak people in my life, needy, broken down, in need of assistance beings who seem to think I can help them in some way. I used to think that until today...when I realized that it's not the weakest that I attract but the strongest. Even they have weaknesses and need breaks once in a while; even they need someone to lean on from time to time, no because they can't do without but because's human.

I saw how others see the ones I used to call weak; they are strong, wise and seem like an indestructible rock others. And for some still unknown reason to me, they let their guard down in front of me and allow themselves to be vulnerable and ask for help or at least a shoulder or an ear.

No, they are not the weak, but the strongest; for it's only the strongest that have the power to admit when they are down and ask for a hand to help them get up again; it's the strong who have the power to be vulnerable.

One example is my dear mother. She's the strongest person I know; she's done and still doing things that I would never see anyone else capable of doing. She has a heart of gold, like and angle and the toughness of a lion. And yet, like any human, she has moments of vulnerability, and when she does allow herself the luxury of being "weak" she chooses to lean on me, of all people. The strongest woman I know! The grandest soul...

I still don't know why it happens... but at least I know now who I really attract in my life!