Colors of rainbows

By: Lavinia
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Ignored, defeated, numb

Invisible, dispensable, run down

" one there"

Theme song of the living dead

And yet I'm still there

In the hands of ghosts

They rise and move on

Then another comes along

Same story... Start over

The more I drag you out

the more I sink in

Push and pull

Shoot and kill

"Just playin' "

The deeper I go

the harder I'm tangled in your web


shouting to deaf ears

You find it funny

I find it ironic

I hear you cry and you don't know

how much I envy you.

I can't feel anything anymore

And yet I appear bright and shinny

While I'm painting in rainbows

The walls of my grave

I'm spinning the same wheels

Going round and round

For every grasp of air

Two more nails and 3 feet deeper

This child has seen

too much to go back

The wings are off

The smiles frozen

My dead don't ressurect

Like in your story

But God bless the colors of the rainbow

They make the world seem so much more

Don't they?!