I miss flying so much..that I'd give my life for a pair of wings!

By: Lavinia
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There was once a little girl with Golden Eyes!
She came from a far away place on a cold winter night, to a new cold world of wax still statues; but she came smiling! She couldn't talk, nor see, nor hear... But she had two big snow-white wings and she could FLY!
They didn't like her and couldn't understand her but they felt sorry for the poor creature and let her stay with them.

Day by day, they tough her how to talk and walk, how to dress and how to smile, but all she wanted to do was fly...And their answer was always the same: "Nobody can fly! Don't try! You'll fall! This is crazy!"
And every time she tried they would hold her down and tie her wings behind her back so tight that you could barley see them anymore. Until one day, tired of her prayers, they cut her wings off and put them away in a box.

But at night, when every statue was asleep, she sneaked her wings out of the box and flew home to dance and sing with the angels. And every morning she came back, put the wings back in the box and pretended she never left. She cried when she had to leave home but she did it because she felt sorry for them.

As days and years went by, the little girl grew up and started to become a big cold wax statue herself. Talked like one, dressed like one and acted accordingly. Even her eyes lost color! And they were... so proud of her!
But she wasn't... She'd forgotten the color of her smile, the smell of the rain and she couldn't remember what the rainbow felt like anymore. She wasn't a little girl anymore. She was a big still cold statue now that everyone admired!
It was only at night, every once in a while, that she could still do what she really wanted to...That she could still try to remember where she came from!

But one strange night she went to put on her wings, started to fly but after lifting 2 feet from the ground she fell and couldn't go back up. She wasn't so little anymore and the wings couldn't hold her big heavy weight. She took them off and just stood there, numb, staring at them...
She didn't sleep that night. She stayed in her big room, with her big things, looking at her big reflection in the mirror...while her little wings were lying dead on the floor.
And as the sun was beginning to rise she knew she had to make a choice...

She stripped off all the extra weight that her wings couldn't carry, put it in the box with a "Thank you" note for the nice statues that took care of her and finally left to the place she calls home to join all the other poor but happy creatures that she calls family.

And if you look in the sky at night, close one eye and gaze with the other, you might just see her smiling at you from behind the stars while she's tap-dancing with the moon!
01/29/11 01:43:31AM @lavinia:
On the tip of your wings!