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Laurene Puls
@laurene-puls • last year
Saying hello since I'm here for the first time. I found the site through the book, "Finely Tuned". I want to learn more about where I fit in within the hypersensitive community. The book reads like the story of my life. I have pretty much reached the point where I'm ready to totally disassociate with others but the book says this is bad.
I'm old which I hope isn't a problem for some in the community. I've just turned 68 but like many women, don't feel old. I lost twenty-five years of my life to growing a brain tumor and recovering. During that time, I blossomed as an artist and was aware of connections that I didn't talk about like being in a restless, panicky state at time of airline crash and other disasters. I'm so weather sensitive it is problematic physically.
I'm ok with these connections and being considered weird but I'm not ok with being disregarded as a crackpot. Thus it seems prudent to avoid trying to find companionship.
I am searching,here, so any constructive input would be appreciated.


Cheshire Cat
02/03/17 11:47:12AM @cheshire-cat:

Hello laurene-puls!

     Your story is similar to mine in many ways, except it is 33 yrs. of an awful disease rather than a tumor. I am happy to hear you recovered from the tumor.

      Age is just a number here. I am about to turn 66 and have always felt welcome. I can assure you that you will not be disregarded as a crackpot here.

      Do you think your tumor had anything to do with the development of your abilities?

     A good place to start is the Help for empaths section, up at the top of the page. 

      A lot of us avoid most other people, so you are not unusual in that either. I feel much less alone by myself than when surrounded by the wrong type of people, who make me feel like I'm from another planet. In fat, I actually think I might be from another planet. How's that for a "crackpot"?! :-)

    Welcome aboard,

    Cheshire Cat