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@lastars • 5 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Empaths and Indulgence " in Empath
"Long time ago spent lots of years indulging and growing. All drugs are about escapism. Marijuana is a tricky little plant as it helps you believe what ever..."
@lastars • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Random thoughts" in Empath
"I've had lots of these type of experiences. I've even heard exact (mundane) conversations that ppl have had and asked them if it happened. Ppl are pretty..."
@lastars • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Know Your Value: Who are you? Really..." in Psychic and Paranormal
"It took me quite a while to understand that when one has powers of perception it also means you have powers to affect that which is in your field of..."


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