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03/15/15 09:23:59AM @moderator-2:

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Scott Yates
03/21/15 09:17:41AM @scott-yates:

Glad I could help. The weather here has been chilly. Reaching 68 today

10/15/16 03:33:14AM @kitkat:

Hey Sirah 

 OMG Sooo much time has flown by since we chatted last. How's you and anything exciting happening. how is your business doing? I had a big blow out with the narcissistic boss my contract firm has me working for. Finally, despite knowing this intellectually I have finally learned there is no getting through to these personality types. Though having said that he does at least now from time to time action the requests his staff ask of him. Still hectically handling the transition stuff which is the cause of my year flying by. The one thing I am struggling with is that as the female flows out of me now the empathic side is getting stronger quicker than I can adjust to I am getting bolder as well which has good and bad potentials in it. Though it is frustrating I can be boldly confident lucid and profound at setting people straight whether I am trying to get helpful stuff across or defend myself or friend from beings I am now calling the insensitives the ones that are redeemable. Haha The problem is you have to stay on top of the game especially if they are friends. I find if I cower once then I am in a rut and the only way I have found of getting out of it as I am stuck with a way too strong level of righteous and afterwards is to be extremely blunt...well rude actually while hitting them with the facts bit like Coach Carter..well a bit like Samuel L Jackson actually. Haha So far it has worked but it is a Russian roulette style approach in friendships. though I am getting to a point of thinking well at least it is a loast shot if they don't get it and the friendship ends who cares at least I tried everything. I hope that is healthy for most it is but as a Empath it hurts to give someone a short sharp shock and then there is the concern I might slide down the empathy scale and end up an insensitive butt munch! problem with my getting stronger Empathically is you start to realise there at not that many people on the right humanitarian path even those with a few activist causes turn out to be lacking in other areas. I just seems there are not many people worth my time and I on the right track to protecting myself are becoming a jaded arrogant Empath? Much love and light my amazing friend Xx 

Cheshire Cat
10/21/16 07:53:20AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi KitKat (do you love the chocolate bar of that name?),

I just sent you a friend request.... I really wanted to tell you that I have a neighbor who is your Doppleganger! She looks so much like you, my jaw dropped open when I saw your photo. They say if you ever come face to face with your double, one of you will die, so if you ever decide on a trip to Clearwater, Florida, to visit America's best city beach, I'd reconsider and go somewhere else, lol! I decided to post this here, since others may have seen their doubles as well, and I'd love to hear what happened, wouldn't you? Curiosity killed the cat though..... Laugh

Cheshire Cat