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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

By: Kimberly Rose
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Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

I like snowflakes, I bought a snowflake necklace today because I liked it. It has green gems and I thought that a snowflake with green gems would be nice to have. My sister and I were buying jewelry for Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week (his birthday is coming up. It was Shakespeare Sunday today). My two favorite colors are blue and green, the colors of the sea on a nice day. I have a character in the story I am writing with sea green eyes, to me she is beautiful. She is 14 years old and nearly 6 feet tall (one inch off), she is abnormal but in that abnormality she is beautiful. Beauty has nothing to do with the outside, beauty has something to do with individuality for me. I call her beautiful because there is not another person like her in the world, like a snowflake. Snowflakes are beautiful because of their individuality.

If there was a snowflake for every person on earth every single snowflake would be different, and that is how the world is. There is no way that everyone is normal, there is just everyone's brand of normal. Like a brand of perfume, a perfume wouldn't smell the same to many different people. I like the smell of rain and the sight of falling snow.

Beauty is the eye of the Beholder.

I love drawing eyes, to me eyes can convey the life of a person. They are the gateways to the soul, I can see so much in someone's eyes. I love the heart of a person, if they let me see what is truly inside. I fell for a boy because of his heart, it was a kind heart, and his eyes were the darkest brown I had ever seen. My uncle is blind but that does not stop him from seeing the beauty of everything, he plays the piano and puts music to what he finds in beauty. He can also play the guitar if it in on his lap (I've seen it happen).

I am an artist, not by choice, it makes me feel better. If you saw what came out someone would be horrified, the scenes I see inside my head. To me they are normal, to someone else they are a horror film in the beginning stages of development. To me the world is hollow, close to swallowing me up. Every day I fight for my life and some days I make things easier for me by giving myself motivation (some people its a special dessert they have been saving, for me its the late several minutes of a television episode I really want to see).

Beauty is the Beholder.

I am beautiful the way I am. I don't care what my bullies said as I was growing up. I am not stupid, I am not ugly, and I am not a waste of space. Some days that is hard to believe but I am going to change that. Because I am beautiful, like everyone else. Beauty is the beholder. There is no one else like me and I tend to keep my snowflake from melting. You should too.