Kimberly Rose

I Just Want To Cry...

By: Kimberly Rose
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I am having such a hard time with my classes and I don't know of anyone I can talk to so I am choosing to vent on my blog, which I know that by this point everyone who even thinks of reading this will stop and press the back space, it's okay, I understand. But I just read my email from my professor of my writing class to tell me that I am failing the class. I know it's my own fault for it but...I was doing fine until something happened to make me want to just stay in bed all day. Only about an hour my partner for my art class, my last chance to pulling my grade in that class back up, told me that she got a new partner all because I didn't want to face my professor today about my lack of pictures on flickr. I don't know what to do for my classes and I just want to do better and be a good student. It's kind of hard for me because of my unwanted habits of slipping back into a depressive state. Like my partner telling me had a new partner actually made me cry and also she used a word to me proves that I am practically left for dead here: "Whatever." To me the word whatever means that all hope is lost and that is a lost cause. SO while in the middle of a fire drill and my dorm having to be evacuated I ask someone to help me because I don't have a partner anymore, Joe. Joe took the art class I am in now and so far he has been a better help...I don't know if that sounds bad or not... And I have way too many interest for me to fully understand what I am supposed to be doing in class. So I am going to try and turn this around as fast as I can, starting tomorrow with my writing class. My professor gave me some options to do for the class and I am going to give it a shot. I am going to drop one of my art classes to make some time in my schedule for going to places that could help me with my classes. And apparently take pictures of pine trees and some how get some pine tree branches to scan(this is how helpful Joe is and I am pretty sure he is getting annoyed with me asking a million questions). Now, I am actually feeling a little better after spending some time outside and talking to someone. Now...why do pine trees have needles?

Bill Walker
11/09/13 04:03:21PM @bill-walker:

Hi Kim, There are many writers on this site, so if you would like help and/or critiques from people feel free to post your ideas or stories in the Writers Group. Actually there used to be a member and that's pretty much what she did and as far as I know her writing improved tremendously. Heck, you could probably find a few tutors on this site for any subject if you asked around.