Kimberly Rose

College Is New Yet Some How Old.

By: Kimberly Rose
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So I am new to college as a freshman, I gradated high school last May and I have been at college for about a week and so far I have met so many art students than I ever knew in high school. Which is not a bad thing, I am an art student so I just found some people to go to open studio hours with when we work on our projects for school. Though still something confuses me.

My best friend broke up with her boyfriend about 3 times now since summer started and has gotten back together with the same boyfriend now 3 times again. All the times I offered the normal thing of causing him physical harm as my friend was cheated on and then dumped for a girl that was 12 years old (her boyfriend being 18 like me). I even wanted to shove him in a glass blowing oven because my college has one of those. I felt that I needed to defend my best friend's honor and for the fact that she is my beset friend, I feel like her older sister.

Though while at college I can't exactly focus on my best friend all the time like right now I am snap-chatting her while writing this blog sitting inmy dorm lobby because it the only room in this building that is air-conditioned. My laptop is dying, so is my iPod but I don't want to go to my room not only for the fact that my room mate has about5 people up there (it is hot enough with just 2 of us in there and we normally have the door open because that let heat out). I have an 8 am class in the morning and I want to get showered, get my math started because it is due in a week, I have an essay also due next week on the same day as my math homework. Now I just feel like I am whining.

Anyway, while at school (I mentioned the art students right? Yes, I did.) I have made some friends, most are in fact art students since I take most of my classes with art students. There is Rachel in Art Education (I believe), andJoe in 2D (he might go into Graphic Design but he doesn't quite know yet lol). We might have breakfast together again since we all have the same 8 am writing class and you never know if you get to have breakfast with 8 am classes. It was originally me and Joe eating together then I found Rachel and she sat with us (thank you Rachel because a couple of college freshman as a boy and a girl wasn't quite as awkward without the third person to fill our table more with laptops, bags, and people lol).

Joe and I are still quite awkward, we met the first day of classes when I went to the wrong math class (his math class) and we met again outside my 2D foundations class where he said, "Hey,weren't in my math class?" And I had to reply that sorry, I went to the wrong math class (isn't that a great way to start the semester, well at least I made a friend.). So he sat down beside me and I wanted to say something to him but I was really nervous so I wrote him a note saying that hi my name was Kim and that I was normally really shy and nervous when first meeting people. Then I mentioned the art building walls, they were plain and it didn't suit them but it is the only beginning of the year. We talked and I showed him some of my animations, we talked about majors and what we wanted to do. It was a nice conversation, I liked it. But I had to cut it short because it was 10 minutes before our different art classes started and I didn't want him or me to be late, he said he wasn't concerned about being late but I said bye anyway. Though I didn't notice what he said until some time later, but I was mostly shocked that all the younger art professors are so casually dressed the freshman art students openlyconfused them for students. It was honestly funny.