Kimberly Rose

Can't Sleep Mind Too Busy...

By: Kimberly Rose
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Insomnia is nothing new to me I promise but this certain case of insomnia is caused by something other than the chemicals in my brain but my brain does have something to do with it. You see there is this guy (isn't there always?) and my problem is that it is the same guy as all my other blog posts (not even kidding on that one). For those of you that don't know his name is Evan, Evan and I actually dated until he was bullied and he broke up with me, we were friends for a while before he dated my ex-best friend at the time. Teresa later apologized to me via Facebook message about being so bad to me during high school (which believe you me that I am happily done with high school, I move into college with in the next couple days). To me it seemed useless to apologize two months after graduation, but there is also no use in complaining about it. Anyway so here is what is bothering me so much about a guy I haven't talked to since April, why is it that whenever I start to think about him before I go to sleep I cry. I don't even know where or why, but I had an interesting dream once...I will tell you about it but if you don't want to hear it just skip it. So I was out of college, had a steady job and also a fianc. The fianc was named Clark and he was blind, so I went to the only bakery in my hometown which is owned by Evan's parents, and I went to Alex (Evan's Dad) to order a wedding cake (at this point my BFF said "Awkwo Taco" and made a turtle with her hands). To me that is a weird dream but then again my dreams could be triggered by the fact that I am leaving for college and Evan always acted like our friendship would end when I left for college...when actually it would end before I finished high school... Am I just receiving these emotions just because I am soon leaving for college and it is triggering an old memory or can it be like my best friend said to me one day at school...could I possibly be in love with Evan? But of course he has to be a Stagtarrius while I am an Aries...I just don't know.