Kimberly Rose

When A Friend Becomes A Stranger...

By: Kimberly Rose
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Hiya! My friend Evan stopped talking to me because he got a girlfriend. I know this girl and she verbally abused me while I was dating Evan and afterward, I want nothing more than to tell Evan about this stuff and yet I don't. In a way he kind of already knew about it but only a little bit of it because most of the shots she took at me where really personal and... hurtful. She knew a lot about me because she was my friend and she knew exactly where to hit me to make it hurt.

I was spending some time in Orlando and I was hanging out and listening to some people sing karaoke (this one older gentlemen was really good. I mean really good.). I get this text message that said "You're going to hate me." I knew exactly what was coming because each and every time he gets a girlfriend he starts it the exact same way.And...I wasn't so much hateful toward him as I was upset. I was upset and my friend Calvin found this out when I explained it to him the next morning at breakfast through tears and hugs.

Though this one text really got me fired up and unhappy. "My mom doesn't want us to date anymore." That text did not make me happy since previous to this conversation/argument I had told him multiple times that I was uninterested in dating anyone (that included him in there).But I got him a present in Orlando my bff/adoptive sister (I call her my little sister and we arerelated in no way)gave it to her boyfriend who apparently gave it to their school office to give to Evan (at least he did something rather than hide it in his house and not do anything).

I messaged Evan on facebook because I didn't unfriend him like I promised Emily I would. I told him that I was sorry about how I reacted, that I supported him and his new girlfriend and I hope he is happy and I hope he finds what he is looking for. I know he is looking for that perfect girl, "The One", and he always says he is so happy when he is dating someone. I just want him to be happy and...I don't want him to get hurt. I really care about him and it was him and his mom that told me to tell my parents about my suicidal thoughts (well...his mom really, he was freaking out and blah blah blah). Now I have people at school that if I need to talk to them I can so I have a professional in my school somewhere in my school I can talk to.

So yes, now I am getting professional help for this and I am feeling better about it. Blah blah blah, personal stuff in my life. Though I said this to Evan "I am sorry I was scared. I am sorry I care about your well-being." And I said that if he didn't want to be my friend anymore all he had to tell me and that I want to cut off communication until I get my life together and I am feeling better. I am feeling better now but I am not talking to him right now because play is going on and during play I have no life. It'sa gift. I get to be a french girl who only speaks one word of English.