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You Know What? No.

By: Kimberly Rose
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I was scrolling through Pinterest, as one does, and I came across a picture that said, "Unborn Must be Born.  Poor Child Oh well should have thought about that before you had children."  And that just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess as I identify as a particularly pro-life individual but I've known enough children from low-income families in my line of work to say no to that.  I, personally, very much care about those children.  One of my good friends had an accidental baby in her final year of high school, she kept her daughter and I absolutely adore this little girl who will be soon going to preschool.  

Now in my final year in high school I was...protesting at an abortion clinic (scroll back up and keep reading) and I was partnered with a younger girl who I was sharing a sign with.  We were walking around the block and we started talking, and we found some dandelions and carried them with us.  Sam (the girl) and I decided that this protesting at clinics isn't what we wanted, we decided we wanted something more.  We talked about started a special outreach program for battered women, pregnant women, and children.  It started as something like Planned Parenthood but the idea slowly started to grow in our minds.  We wanted a safe house for abused women, women who could get free healthcare for her and her children, and just somewhere that any woman can go to get help.  

I've been thinking since I saw that picture how much more that building could be.  Expanding on Sam and I's original ideas this is what I've come up with:  

  • Battered woman's shelter 
  • Women and children's health center
  • Maternal health center
  • Onsite mental health center (in case of trauma)
  • Referral to trusted health facilities and doctors, for termination or continued health care

I realize that even though I identify as pro life and I'm allowing terminations to exist in a facility of my own design it seems counter intuitive or even backwards but I've had the most interesting experiences that made me change.  

My good friend was, in a way, very lucky and very unfortunate.  Her daughter was born of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend of the time, he abused her and mistreated her and his own daughter (battered woman's shelter).  She had a wonderful mother and father who helped her through her trauma and kept her safe from him even now (mental health center), she did technically pay for her own health care but it was the money she had saved for college (women and children's health center and maternal health center).  If she had chosen to terminate her daughter I would have been sad but understood her decision (referral).  

While I do advocate for the life of the child I find I must also advocate for the mother as well.  I've been doing a lot of reading, and doing a lot of learning.  I imagine becoming a mother myself, and I would be very happy as I greatly want to be a mother to any kind of baby, healthy or not and adopted or not.  But being that of being a very imaginative nature I turned it to a situation where I wouldn't be happy to be a mother.  If I had not wanted children or that I was being forced to carry a baby to term against my will.  

I realize I could never force someone else to do that, no matter what I felt about the baby or the mother.  It is sad at the lost of a life, especially a new one with so much potential, but the loss of mother and baby possibly through suicide or illness is worse for me.  

I would open this clinic myself but I haven't the means or the health professionals who could help me but I would gladly take the name that Sam and I came up with all those years ago:  Giggles and Smiles, A Place for Mothers and Babies.  I think my area needs a place like that.  

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