Kimberly Rose

You Know When You Have Those Feelings?

By: Kimberly Rose
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You know those feelings you get when you know something, anything is going to happen?

I was driving home from dropping my sister off at a game, and I had the feeling like something wasn't right. So I took extra precaution on my way home, because I felt like there was going to be an accident. I was right about the accident and something was wrong.

My mother had gotten in an accident, and I drove right passed it, but something was telling me to pull over. I felt that way about every car accident though I recognized my mother's vehicle and I called her right away as soon as I could. When I got home I almost literally ran into my dad as he was running out of the house to go get my mom.

Last year my mom was in the hospital from January to February with a hole in her esophagus. And now, over year year later of the day she was admitted into the hospital she got into a car accident.

The funny thing is our insurance guy warned my parents not to let my little sister, who has just gotten her license, to not drive because the last person that did that got in an accident within a week. It looked like she was hit on the side, in the side driver's side door.

And as I type this my cat and I await the news about my mother and her stone age van. If this year is going to be anything like last year, I am going to need a six months vacation.

01/16/16 08:13:47AM @visitor:

What a terrible ordeal! I hope everything's OK. Please keep us updated.