Kimberly Rose

I Knew I Was Different...

By: Kimberly Rose
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I am INTJ personality (Myers Briggs), which apparently is really rare. One source I found said that 1 to 3 percent of the world's population of women are INTJ.


Let me say that again. 1 to 3 percent. Now I am terrible at math but I understand that 1 percent is small. I can't even calculate how many that is because in our world today every 8 seconds some one is born. So the population clock I am looking at the number is almost constantly rising, and by the time I notice it my equation is ruined and that makes me peeved. I am going out of my way to calculate this, and I can't even get a good calculation because it will always be behind.

So I am settling on the population being 7,219,027,960 (that's my cap for just for comparison) and multiplying that by 1%, or .01 you get 72,190,280. Rounding of course because I'd hate to be that person who is the .6.

I was reading over the traits commonly found in INTJ people in general and I found a lot of places that lined up in a really suspicious way. I always knew I wasn't in the majority of people but it is getting rather ridiculous at this point. I encourage anyone to take the test themselves, and tell me what you get. I'm curious.

Anyway, I'm really tired. Not just physically but emotionally. My mother has been in the hospital for the last two weeks, and things just having been going right the last couple of days. It's been taxing but I know I keep pushing on through even if I don't know how much longer I have to take this. My mom really wants to be home, and that is an understatement for her daughters (my sisters and I).

My dad is really having a hard time about it especially a day or two ago my mother almost died in the hospital because they accidentally gave her too much insulin. Also the woman he loves is in the hospital.

I guess I know why I was bullied growing up, I was different. I don't understand normal social rituals (such as gathering for football games?), and I've never really gotten things like flirting. I had to rely on my best friend for stuff like that because she knew what to do, but now I'm on my own. I have a calm head about it but you know on dating apps when these guys send you really romantic things saying how beautiful you are and how you are so attractive...and you're kind of taking aback because these people don't know you at all and they think because they saw some pictures of you that you look good in... I'd like to say that the guys looking to marry me right away was kind of creepy, and I blocked them because I won't accept their marriage proposals without knowing them first.

The first guy on this dating app I am on I actually took an interest in is a guy named Jesse, and he lives all the way across the united states from me. He did use a pick up line on me but it was this: ( pretty much. It was so sweet and cute, and was not a normal (eh...) social ritual so I understood and was so flattered. And he likes RvB so it's not all bad lol.

I tried to end this on a positive note, because I believe positivity is the strongest weapon we can have, it's why I always say my day has been interesting. I'd rather look at the sun and sky than the valley.