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Family Pressure.

By: Kimberly Rose
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So...I don't drink. I'm not of legal age, while in London I tried a sip of an alcoholic beverage (when I was of legal age to drink), and I don't partake in the drinking of the blood of Christ (aka wine at church). But my family, everyone but my baby cousin has some alcohol in their system (in small and large quantities). They try to pressure me into drinking alcohol every time I see them, and I don't like it. Honestly.

  1. I don't like the taste.
  2. I don't like the smell.
  3. I don't like my body's reaction to alcohol (my hands start shaking quite violently and I get lightheaded and very nauseous).
  4. I don't like alcohol's effects on the brain.

My family is Catholic German/Dutch decent so drinking alcohol is quite...common. But one thing I would love for my family to do is to realize that I don't like drinking, in any form. Not even wine coolers. My grandmother tried to get my aunt to give me an alcoholic lemonade at my cousin's house. I had a problem with that because they weren't listening to me that I don't drink. At all. No matter what they say, I do not drink, I don't care if my grandmother was telling me that I won't taste the alcohol in the lemonade and that it won't taste any different. I don't care. It would be nice that if for one time my family understood that I won't spend a night getting drunk. I won't put my own health in danger because I "want to have a good time". I won't put myself in a situation that could endanger others around me for some stupid reason that a drunken brain could think up.

I don't drink.

I hate that my family is so lenient on driving while drunk. People have died from that, and they don't even give it a second thought. Yes they are adults but I honestly wouldn't get in a car with my uncle who had over 10 beers. I already fear dying in car crashes, I don't want any one in my family to die because of something like drinking and driving.

I hate that my godfather says that I don't like to have fun just because I don't "have fun" like he does. I don't like singing songs about "getting laid" while in a drunken haze. I like playing Apples to Apples with my friends in a really weird way we made up. I don't like dancing with music so loud that my ear drums burst. I like dancing with my best friend to songs we both enjoy and singing church songs with my Church's adult choir.

I didn't want any alcohol at my graduation party because I didn't want people to just come for a beer buzz. There was still beer there because my parents said no one would come then. I'd rather they had not come at all then, and you learn who likes you for you and not for your choice of alcohol.

08/30/14 10:42:02PM @inlanddan:

Hi Kimberly, tell us how you really feel. LOL Seriously at a very young age I started drinking very hard, mainly because it masked me being who I really was. We are talking about 9 or 10. It was a rough life. I got sober years ago. Now I do have a beer once in a while. It is not worth it all all. I am and you definitely should be proud of the way you stand up to it. Never let anyone pressure you into doing anything you do not want to do.

I figure two things, they feel guilty for their drinking and want to justify it by having you join in or the are hiding from something, possibly even feelings of being an empath. I could be wrong too. Either way wear the proud button nicely and say I choose not to partake.

Dan : )

08/31/14 09:19:13AM @pat-starbridge:

There's a couple of things that standout here. I like working from the belief that we contract with the souls of our family members before coming into this world. Various lessons are created for each member based on the dynamic of the group. I find this theory of soul contracts helps explain how we end up with our families and saves time and energy trying to figure out if we were secretly adopted.

People have a number of life lessons that they work on, and often, those lessons are created within the energy of the family. For example, say someone wanted to work on a lesson involving "love"; they might end up with an emotionally distant family or abandoned. It sounds weird, but often, we start working on our life lessons from a position of "lack" or the opposite of what we want.

I'm not reading your specific lesson, but from what you have written; you are certainly aware of who you are in relation to others. You are not trying to fit in to make others happy; you know what brings you pleasure and joy. Instead of doing what every one else does; you listen to yourself.

The other thing that seems to be occurring these days, is many of us are breaking various patterns within the family lineage. There is usually one or two people within the family that completely go against tradition. They are not here to change their family; but their energy, alone, helps to alter the pattern. The impression I'm getting from your post, sounds like, what was a typical European tradition, eventually developed through out the generations, into using alcohol to cope with life. You are simply not within the pattern - you see it for what it is. Also, your body is rejecting it and that's important to keep in mind. It just will not tolerate it.