Kimberly Rose

I Feel...Changed.

By: Kimberly Rose
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I got to spend a weekend with my godmother away from my family before reuniting with them at my grandparents' house. I was wearing my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt and my cousin's 3 year old nephew liked it so much he decided to spit on me five seperate times, even after I asked him to stop nicely. I didn't get to do much with my aunt but I still enjoyed my time with her. We went antiquing and we visited a massive art museum (where there was some cool but really expensive stuff that neither of us wanted to buy lol). We talked a lot about life and all that jazz, she took me to her new church. She chose to leave the parish she and her ex-husband went to while they were married, and I liked it. I'm not allowed to talk about it though, my grandmother has a problem with it because it is not a traditional church. And Grandma wasn't too happy she took me there either. I understand it though, my grandmother is one of those people who spoke Latin in church growing up. I liked the experience, but to be honest...I liked it better than the mass I was used to. My cousins were a bit shy to it but that is because their mom was messing with them the entire time. But it really reminds me of my favorite song from Casting Crowns: "Does Anybody Hear Her?" It reminds me that people can be so judgmental before you even had the chance to say hello to them. And I will admit here but not to my aunt is that when we visited her new church I was terrified of the people, what they were going to be like and what they were going to be like. I was so used to getting looked at down on but some people in my church. Don't tell them that though. Like when my senior class went to different churches I was questioned heavily when I was sitting with my friends (who were all males and I am a female). But, you know, I liked my godmother's new church better because it reminded me of the excitement I had for church. I went back to my parish and I about fell asleep during the homily (I felt so bad). I'm all for new experiences but to be honest out of all my my mother's siblings, she is the only one that still goes to a traditional Catholic Church. Two of my uncles are now agnostic and my aunt goes to an alternate Catholic Church. Sometimes I don't know, my faith wavers sometimes, but...I don't know if that is bad.