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Artemis and Orion; Things I Learned In Psych

By: Kimberly Rose
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My mother says I am odd, how I like the story of Artemis and Orion. The tragedy that happened between them, (the version I go with of the story is that Artemis was about to give up her virgin goddess status to marry Orion, Apollo got mad, sent a massive scorpion after Orion to kill him but it ends up chasing him to the ocean where he starts to swim away from the scorpion, and Apollo challenges his sister to hit an impossible target in the water [Orion's head], she got him with an arrow through the temple, Orion's body gets washed to shore, Artemis is instantly heartbroken and asks Zeus to place Orion in the sky so he could continue living in the stars; I know there are lost of different versions but that one is my favorite), and the lessons that can be learned from this Greek tragedy.

Who doesn't love a good Greek tragedy? Which I know that makes me strange, a dedicated Catholic that studies Greek mythology. That, to me, sounds like an oxymoron.

I don't know what draws me to sad stories and sad my family that is deemed very strange, not to mention I prefer Vivaldi to 1D (is that right?) or some other band my 7 year old cousin would listen to. To me it seems I come from a different world, and not the usual thing with girls that they dream they are actually a princess living among common people, but that my tastes are different from normal people. But, my normal is their abnormal. I like it that way.

You see, my psychology book states that people in my stage of life are choosing between intimacy and isolation, my best friend chose intimacy and I chose isolation (we don't act completely the same like most friends today, but we understand each other). She understood my decision to and listened to my reasoning for my choice. I've felt isolated from people my entire life so far, willingly or not, and I always felt better by myself. Which is not a natural human behavior, we are social creatures, and we don't do well living by ourselves. You know those hermits that live alone in the desert or jungle for many many years, most often times when they are found they have a number screw loose.

Identity Vs. Role Confusion. I am also in this stage, so I am trying to figure out who I am, in fact the entire time I've been on Empath Community I have been in this stage, I've been on this site since I was 16. I'm not completely finished with learning my identity yet but every day I am trying new things to see who I am. Here's what I have so far:

1. I am a cheese lover.

2. I get sick really easy.

3. I am only slightly queasy when it comes to body fluids (this one is a bit of touch and go).

4. I am an artist if I want to be or not.

5. I love laughing.

6. I am family-orientated, but have you seen my cousin's baby? He is so freaking cute! I just want to hold him all day :).

7. I am a night owl, and my mother doesn't like that at all.

8. I like many genres of music and books. But fantasy is my favorite, and I don't like the limitations put on me by my elders.

9. I enjoy helping people, doing manual labor isn't that bad but the guys are always telling me to go away and do something girls can do (which makes me stay and work twice as hard as them just because ;P).

10. I'm me, and I am okay with being different. If we all were the same everything would be sooo boring. (Yes, the four O's were appropriate.