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Life without Pretenses. Wouldn't that be nice?

By: Kimberly Rose
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My little sister is almost 16 and she is practically being protected by my old reputation in high school. Apparently my "take nothing from anyone" reputation, (to quote myself junior year: "take me for what I am or leave me alone"), scares even some of my old high school seniors, that apparently knew of me. They know that if anything happens to my little sister they will lose their windpipes, (not really I could never hurt a fly, except my ex-boyfriend, but I say he rightly deserved every bit of it!), I liked using my brain and my mouth to combat them because I had none of the strength my football playing bullies had. But this blog post isn't so much about me as it is about my little sister, she's a budding artist and quite the dress designer (she just needs a touch of work on the different body shapes women have). Though people at school mistreat her and disrespect her drawings, so I drew her some models on paper to help with the womanly figure and let her have at it. We were watching a Barbie movie (yes, I know, but don't judge until you've given it a try) and I wanted to give my little sister some confidence about her drawings. I told her I wanted to make one of her dresses come to life myself because everything in the imagination can be brought to life in its own special way. She may doubt me but I will show her that nothing is impossible.Oh and to a Bill Walker, thank you for everything, I don't want to sound cheesy but your words are very encouraging to me. I do journal as often as I can so I do write fairly often(more often than I blog, promise but not as often as working on my current story), though mostly life events or thoughts I had that particular day. Though my best thinking happens in the early morning hours, much to my parents annoyance. Granted I am a bit stuck when it comes to my career, something I do know being nearly 19 years of age (My birthday is the 24th of March, which just so happens to be a Monday.), I don't want to graduate from college with a desk job like my cousin Nathan. I want just a touch more excitement than business meetings, no offense to anyone that find business meetings a great pass time, they're just not my cup of tea lol.
Bill Walker
03/15/14 02:04:40PM @bill-walker:

Kimberly, I am honored that you think enough of me to make a special mention about me here in this blog, it means a lot, especially when you consider that this is the only medium where we know each other!

You are so correct when you stated that anything that can be imagined can also be created. Absolutely nothing can come into the physical realm without first being created in conscious imagination. In my opinion, even energy does not really exist, it's just conscious thought that has been slowed down to create all that we know so far in our feeble understanding of what the universe really is, and what it is really all about.

The day will come, and perhaps we already can, where we can create our very own universe using our creative energies/consciousness alone. I think ultimately that's what we're being trained to do as we live both our physical, and spiritual, life!

Once again, thank you Kimberly!