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"Run Of The Mill Nuclear War."

By: Kimberly Rose
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So I saw my best friend for the first time in what seems like forever, there was some stuff I knew about going on but then there is stuff I didn't know about. We planned the ultimate destruction of our enemies (ex-boyfriends specifically), normal girl stuff (well, that's normal for me best friend and I lol), and then she told me she's being forced to quit play because of health issues. She had bad issues before but since the car accident this past summer her health problems have been worse, at least. Some of my old friends from high school that were her friends too have turned their backs on her, and it is something like WW6 or 7, too many wars to count. I'm in college now, it's technically not my problem but I worry about my best friend/practically adoptive sister. High school is hell but I feel really bad that she has to endure it without me physically by her side.

I'm contemplating taking a year off school to do a soul searching thing. My dad wants me to take a year off my present college and go to one closer to home for a year, and I'm just thinking "That kind of defeats the purpose of taking a year off and then I am enrolled at two separate colleges." I'm already tearing my hair out, wanting to get my head shaved so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I would love to get my head on straight but I don't know if I can, I should have gotten help when I was 10. I fear I'm too far gone but I know that I can just...just try and fix myself. I told my dad that my mind is unstable and that I would gladly just take time to know myself before I try and decide what I want to do.

I have a deep love for psychology but I know my parents would just tell me that I'll never get a job, so I want to write a novel but that's a difficult task because my parents want me to have a full time job when I get out of college, but I don't want a job. I want a career, something I would enjoy doing the rest of my life, also I want to be able to some day meet a guy and have a family (I would enjoy 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl to have a bit of a challenge), with a dog maybe if my kids convince me that they can handle the responsibility of a dog. My family first got out dog when I was about 6 or 7, and we were okay.

Though my best friend is going to have neck surgery over the summer and I want to be there for her since she is practically my sister. Or I will be there the best I can since a true friend is loyal and supportive of their friend, I'll text her every day. We could have our movie day while she's in the hospital or whenever she wants. We've been dying to watch Pride and Prejudice together, and swooning over Mr. Darcy :). Bus rides were fun with out conversations when I was in high school, and we would talk face to face all the time because that is how communication should be done.

I am there for my best friend but it breaks my heart when I can't be directly there beside her taking down her enemies with the strength of our will. I know she is fine, the bullies don't bother her especially since I had theaudacityto tell one of them toevolve past primate.

Bill Walker
03/13/14 03:01:41PM @bill-walker:

Wow, there's a lot here to talk about!

The first two years of college are pretty much the same no matter where you go so it really shouldn't matter a whole lot where you go. And yes, I realize that every situation is different, and what I just said may or may not be true.

If this is your first year in college and your friend is a senior in HS then I would try and get her to go to the same school that you are going to attend, as soul sisters that seems appropriate to me.

You know exactly what you want out of life for the most part you just seem to be stuck on the career path side of things. Psychology would make a great minor subject as it can fit in with almost any other career out there. Unfortunately your parents are right about it as a major. My brother has a masters degree in psychology and went no where with it.

Every thing else here sounds fine, it's just you making a few adjustments to your life plan. I don't know how old you are but you certainly still have plenty of time to figure this all out so don't put a whole lot of stress into this, it's kind of strange how these kinds of things just seem to work themselves out.

As I said in a previous comment you obviously like to write and express your feelings so writing a novel might be an awesome endeavor for you to under take, and I feel like you already have the material stored up in your head!