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In need of positive energy for a job

By: Kevin P
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I am still having trouble finding a job. I've been interviewing but with the vast number of unemployed people interviewing for the same positions, I have a lot of well qualified competition. This has made it terribly difficult to get hired and adds to my already high anxiety level to where I had to ask my doctor for medication to help manage my anxiety attacks since meditation and long walks have only provided temporary relief.

I have zero income right now as my unemployment benefits expired in June. I'm in desperate need of job before my retirement money runs out [I am currently using that money to pay my mortgage]. I'm hoping our community can come together to send an abundance of positive energy my way to help me land a job soon.

Thank you and Blessed be!

Kevin P
11/20/13 01:35:35PM @kevin-p:

Thanks Amber!

11/27/13 08:22:35AM @retrogirl:

Hi Kevin,

I know when your situation is desperate, it's hard not to focus on it, but I feel that's what's getting in your way. A very powerful mantra for me has been: "I don't know HOW, but I WILL..." in this case, find a job. My mind tends to get cluttered with the HOW of things, and that just breeds negative thoughts. So, you have to give it back to the universe/God/Great Spirit whatever you believe in, and allow that force to take care of the HOW for you. Every time your mind starts to worry, just repeat, "I don't know HOW, but I WILL find a job." and allow yourself to *feel* open to all possibilities. You might want to add HOW or WHEN to that sentence too! It's not up to you how or when the job opportunity comes, it's only up to you to accept it when it does!

Also, it's hard for empaths to feel like they're taking an opportunity away from someone else. You said you have a lot of highly qualified competition, so I feel like that might also be part of the problem. You have to change the way you think about your competition. I believe this economic crash was due to the 2012 shift in energy. A lot of people were in jobs they hated simply to make money. That's no longer an option now. I believe it's a call to everyone to find their true path in life. Unfortunately, the panic of losing your job causes people to react in ways that got them jobs in the past. But, that's not working anymore. So, don't look at those other people as competition. Just look at it like everyone is searching for their true path, and when it's meant to be, it will connect. If yours is meant to be, and you have to beat out 50 people to do it, that's fine because it's your opportunity, and it wasn't meant for the others anyway. I hope that makes sense!

Kevin P
11/27/13 05:47:08PM @kevin-p:

Thanks Retrogirl!

What you described makes perfect sense! I know I WILL get a job soon. My resume speaks for itself as well as my character. I know I'm communicating to the best of my ability when interviewing and really showcasing my qualifications. I know that if I am not chosen for the job that it means there is a much better opportunity out there waiting for me. All things happen for a reason.

Nocturne's Angel
11/28/13 12:57:07AM @nocturnes-angel:

Just said a prayer for you :)

Kevin P
11/28/13 08:50:57AM @kevin-p:

Thank you Nocturne's Angel !!