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A Message from the Universe?

By Kevin P, 2017-01-02
A Message from the Universe?

For the past few months it seems every time I look at a clock I see numbers like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 11:11, 12:12, etc. Does this have some significant meaning?  Is anyone familiar with numerology?

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In need of positive energy for a job

By Kevin P, 2013-11-06

I am still having trouble finding a job. I've been interviewing but with the vast number of unemployed people interviewing for the same positions, I have a lot of well qualified competition. This has made it terribly difficult to get hired and adds to my already high anxiety level to where I had to ask my doctor for medication to help manage my anxiety attacks since meditation and long walks have only provided temporary relief.

I have zero income right now as my unemployment benefits expired in June. I'm in desperate need of job before my retirement money runs out [I am currently using that money to pay my mortgage]. I'm hoping our community can come together to send an abundance of positive energy my way to help me land a job soon.

Thank you and Blessed be!

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Potential job

By Kevin P, 2013-06-07

Hello my friends! I have some good news to share. I had three job interviews with the same company and I am certain I am perfect for the position but unfortunately, they are interviewingtwo others for the same position and I have to wait until they conclude these interviews before they make their decision.

The wait is unbearable but I have a very good feeling about the outcome. I would appreciate your positive energy directed my way!

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Difficult Day

By Kevin P, 2013-04-09

Although I have been getting better atbattlingtheonslaught of emotion that slams me in the face on a daily basis, today was a difficult day.

I wasrunninglate for an appointment this afternoon having to wait for my partner to get himself ready so we could leave. I knew he felt bad about making me late so I held in my emotions so as not to make him feel worse (when he feels bad, I pick up on his emotions and it seems amplified tenfold). After my appointment (at the Costcooptometrist), I found him in the store nothavingstarted the grocery shopping! I was so upset, but again I could tell he felt bad not remembering what was onthe shoppinglist.

I have been under tremendous pressure being unemployed for the past year, looking for a job, failing interviews, and feeling a bit depressed intheprocess and now this. I just wanted to explode!!!!

I know things have been bottling up inside me for a very long time and I find myself crying silently on a daily basis wishing it would all be over. No, I'm not on the edge of suicide, nor do I EVER think about taking my own life, but if the time comes when my world comes to an end, I would welcome it.

I know this is more than simply being empathic and that there are many things at play here. The battle for finding a new job drains me and I've all but given up looking. So I am trying to remain positive and tell myself things will improve. I just wish I could believe it.

Sorry for my rambling. I really don't have anyone I can talk to but getting it out on paper helps to organize my thoughts and istherapeutic. I already feel better and in control once again. I think I will sleep well tonight and be ready to tackle another day. Thanks for listening.

Blessed Be.

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