Kate T
@kate • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Responded to "What is your biggest issue as an empath?":
"Feeling weird or drained after talking with certain people or after certain social situations. I will need time to recharge and ponder over what..."
Kate T
@kate • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Spiritual activity and menstruation":
"Interestingly enough, people do not realise how useful and crucial menstruation is for females.  It actually rids the body of toxins, and it's by far one of..."
Kate T
@kate • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Seing other wordly beings - Question":
"That is something I'm interested in and I would like to hear more about. I feel sad... or uncomfortable, knowing I have this feeling that like people in the..."

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