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I call it my anxiety, but is it really me or some other entity that has clouded me.I'm easily angered. I was never like that years ago before I had suffered with depression and anxiety. It started out social but I can say now that it is general.Being alone brings no relief like it use to.Can I ever be myself again? If treatment was successful would I still feel like I've lost myself, my caring old self.. I feel hollow, very negative and unwell in my head.
05/01/16 10:46:57AM @anastasia2:

I am no expert. I have the same problem at times. I read an article online that said if an entity is inside of you, you can soak your feet for 20 min a day in warm sea salt water. If you do this for 2 weeks, the salt can dissolve the 'home' that the entity has set up in your body. Do a google search about it if it sounds odd. If you eat well, rest and exercise, your body will be stronger and more resistant to psychic attack. If you talk positive and be positive, the negative entity wont like it and will leave......chiropractic also helps your body be strong enough to resist those icky spirits..

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