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@jonig • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Readings Offered":
"I would love a reading...thank you 💜"
@jonig • 2 months ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Why Does It Have To Be So Strong? ":
"Makes sense to me! You don't have to apologize for anything!! We all feel things in different ways, I love that you feel AND know it!!"


02/28/17 05:31:43PM @jonig:
Here's my question & issue: I am drawn, like irresistibly drawn to men who I feel intensely...unfortunately, that usually means some sort of "fixable" issues. I'm afraid if I commit to the nice guy that my friends and family all want, I'll end up feeling trapped & bored...resulting in me hurting them by being attracted to someone else I feel more....Am I alone in this struggle? Has anyone taken the relationship plunge with the person who doesn't ring all their bells & are they happy? Is this a common problem for empaths? I wonder if relationship happiness is even possible? Thanks all 💜
09/06/17 01:45:39PM @jonig:
I am no where near any of these storms, or fires but....I sure am having a tough time keeping my energy up!! I am drained & very safe!!

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