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In childhood I had imaginary friends, lucid dreams, empathic sensations, isolated psychic experiences which felt disfavored in my Christian culture. One time when I was about 9, I went camping with our church. Some kids and I were playing cards and for an hour I could tell them what card they picked without looking at it. Finally they all wanted to show the pastor. He came and sat with us, he laughed and said it was amazing. I felt a complete pure energy. He told me that I was playing with something dangerous and I needed to put the cards away.

I had a pretty "normal" nuclear family. Mom, dad, siblings, extended family, middle class, all of us educated. I have always searched for God/Source and always found God/Source, but not in the ways necessarily advanced by religious constructs. Some Christians would probably not include me anymore in their definition, which is fine. Following a series of unfortunate events over the last 10 years-- I've been stalked, threatened with harm, fired from a job as an attorney--- During this time I also raised flowers, children, created art and wrote and helped and healed 100s of people in various roles.

After my recent encounter with a set of people (close in time) who wanted to hurt me and others who felt healed by me and friends who felt who were angry at me for being myself! --- I decided I wanted to get to the bottom of "this." What is "this" phenomenon that cuts both ways? In June 2016, I discovered the word "Empath" and found this community. This summer I worked with light and dreams and water... I have had several psychic experiences and I am accepting these things wholly for the first time. 

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Cat Whisperer
09/21/16 10:33:38AM @cat-whisperer:
Welcome to the EC!
09/21/16 10:57:59AM @jenstone:

Thanks Cat Whisperer and thanks for sharing that you were an accountant for years... I think I went to law school to try to "get over" my natural instincts toward intuition, creativity, sensing, dreams, art.... but after 10 years, I realize I'm never going to "get over" being myself, so I am a lot less anxious, a lot more peaceful, and I didn't choose to be unemployed but it has done wonders for my spirit. Glad you can work on the farm. Animals are amazing. I am volunteering for an art non-profit. There I feel a bit blocked as well. There is a certain pretentiousness in the art community. They don't seem open to me until I say I'm a lawyer and then suddenly, there's an aha moment... isn't that so unfortunate??? I met a woman last night who is doing a live exhibit where she drags around objects with spiritual weight that she inherited from her parents and ancestors.... With her there was an immediate connection and acceptance.... so I'll follow up with that. I want to find my new place in the world... so I can relax about the finances a bit. 

09/25/16 07:53:39AM @goodenergyhealing:

Hey Jenstone -re your incubus thread, which was closed, as in the wrong group - yes, have felt quiet concentrated negative energies in the past. Where the terminology incubus, or demon perhaps is most accurate. Well, as opposed the average run of the mill day-to -day negative energies like fear, frustration, depression, sadness, etc, etc., which are more like diffuse grey clouds, those energies are more like concentrated blackness!

I got those when e.g. starting to send divine Love and Healing energies to my guru (20 years ago). He had been identified as having been Jesus in other attendee's regressions, so I got a real (spiritual) rap on my fingers to not assume that he is not utterly perfect, and not in need of any healing. It was obviously not that, but them detesting divine Light. Also had an energy giving me feelings of being chocked. And at least three occasions of suddenly feeling an evil presence! I tend to just call on help, and they then take them away.... Those encounters do shake up, that is for sure, but it think it is actually them projecting fear and terror energies. I do love them unconditionally, just like anything else (ok, well, I might have to meditate on it for a while to feel that love, but I know it is there ;))

I have prayed for 24/7 protections, and made it known that I do not want to suffer. There is plenty of markings and warnings signs to that regard on my house and my being. So if beings like that come to me, I assume that they want me to organize for them to be taken into Light. So I am glad that this planet has one less of such entities, after such encounters!

09/28/16 06:34:24AM @bing:

Hi Jenstone

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you.You are now among thousands of our kind.This is our oasis in this world.Here you can talk very openly about all that is on your mind knowing that you will always be treated with respect, kindness, compassion and, most importantly, LOVE. Most of us find the company of animals, other empaths, and the spiritual realm preferable to the rest of the world. They don't get us because they don't FEEL the oneness of all.

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