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It is something that I have lived with my entire life, but I never knew the technical term for it until just recently. I have always been very sensitive to other people's thoughts & feelings. I was always taught that that is a good trait to have in life, so I thought nothing of it as a young girl.

I never liked school, I felt like a classroom full of kids that didn't yet know who they are was a bad environment in which to learn. I now realize it is because I was being emotionally tugged in 32 different directions at the same time. I never liked going on family vacations, because my mom's Russian family had vary strong personalities that often clashed & caused arguments. I now understand that their energy is sharp, and draining for me to absorb.

One night I was working the evening shift & my manager was in her office doing paperwork. She told me she would be gone on a long weekend. I asked her where she was going, & she told me That she has to attend a funeral, a very close family friend had died. I Immediately felt a sense of overwhelming sadness, to the point of holding back tears. I said I am so sorry for your loss. I had never met, or seen that person in my life. I didn't even know there name. she was completely composed when she told me, but I could feel her sadness.

I have recently been plagued with anxiety attacks at random times. I now believe this could be one of the root causes of my panic disorder. My sense of well being fluctuates just depending on who I am in a room with. Some peoples energy is empowering to me, and makes me feel elated. Other people energy is heavy, or sharp, and is incredibly emotionally draining for me to be around.

I need to learn how to ground myself & protect myself from such bad energies. In order to function well & properly in my daily life.

If you have the same feeling or experiences, I would love to hear about them. Or, if you have any insight that may help me along my journey please, speak up.

Your voice will not go unheard.

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06/04/15 06:02:02PM @careyleefarnsworth:

You will like being empath in time. You will know the truth about others now that you are focused on your abilites.

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