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Jane M. McTavish
09/15/16 10:28:55PM @jane-m-mctavish:

I haven't been here for some time. I have been a full time caregiver. My husband had some problems and had surgery 2 years ago. It could be said he is doing better. Now I am in his care and he just doesn't care at all. The 29th of July I had 2 seizures and actually remember very little of the first week of August! When I left the hospital, I had and the theory is that the viral encephalitis is resolving itself! Acute Renal Failure and a Brain Tumor. My attitude has changed so much, I'm crying at the drop of NOTHING! no anger, no hate, just lost and very alone. I'm not as tuned in to the animals and the environment as I was.? EVERYTHING is just different. Am looking at brain surgery in the near future. And likely so many more changes!! Any and ALL advice, opinions, input very, VERY welcome and appreciated. Respectfully. Thank you.