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09/15/15 08:13:01PM @moderator-2:

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09/28/15 07:18:47PM @jack:

I don't know how this works. Stella Kwale left comment for me to read and maybe respond to and I can't find it, either on 'read full comment' or '

reply to comment'. Can someone tell me how this works, having trouble navigating here. Thanks -Jack

09/29/15 04:51:01AM @krenee:
Hi Jack, stella kwale was a scamming persona, just recently removed and banned - i recently jpined this community and was contacted as well however i googled and found it was fraudulent and notified the moderator to investigateHave a beautiful day :)
09/29/15 12:21:03PM @krenee:
glad to be friends, you are welcome to contact and continue to share, one thing to seriously keep in mind is to stay on the positive side - never consider your gift as a curse - more than anything learn to trust your instincts they will never cause harm or disappointment - give yourself credit for having lived and experienced all up to this time in your life so you can continue forward in wisdom ~ use any mistakes or difficult choices as stepping stones to bring you to even higher levels in understanding your purpose ~ blessings and peace :)
09/29/15 04:26:19PM @krenee:
awesome for you to have reached sobriety, i too have experienced days of self medicating... now that you are aware of your gift the perspective is golden ~ answers will come to you as soon as you question and once you learn the key of acceptance versus reaction/reacting to situations that may arise you will find a power that was always with you ~ the best is yet to come, believe you have a life of great accomplishment filled with happiness and most of all love
09/29/15 07:20:26PM @krenee:
i can tell you are a good soul and do mean well ~ as an artist i can imagine that music is a sweet outlet for you ~ i used to be very creative as a child with the arts and crafts, photography, drawing, painting, everything colorful, crayons, watercolors, pencils, chalk... the walls of my bedroom were completely covered as that was my outlet - i rarely had to study as i always took great notes in school and did very well had good friends etc however loved getting lost in time by myself as people would cling to me wanting to be around me and always sharing their whole world life looking to me for my thoughts and ideas - looking back now i realise but back then it would drain me and were long stretches of time that i had to push everyone away just to get baxk to me again... fast forward, not even sure how i got to this place but all that matters is moving forward in knowledge and understanding with wisdom - there must be a reason for this gift and i will treasure it from now on and gladly be there for my fellow empaths as needed... have a lovely evening - very best :)