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I Really Knew I was an Empath When....

By inthezone, 2015-08-10

I was about forty minutes early for a job interview when I decided to drop by a coffee shop for some caffeine.

I can't say I was feeling any more sensitive that day than usual. There are some days that I'm so sensitive to smells and sounds, it can be painful to be in public for too long. This wasn't one of those days.

I ordered a simple cup of coffee, and around four minutes later, when I found myself still...waiting for the coffee.

Looking a bit closer, I realized I was going to be waiting a lot longer,

It was one of those fancy places where a cup of coffee was actually hot water poured over fresh grounds in a filter and space where it would be allowed to steep. Coffee is so much better with a little suspense added in, I guess.

Finally it was ready, and the barista set it on the counter right next to a small pitcher of half and half.

I started the process of taking off the lid, and pouring in some half and half when suddenly the barista, just having finished making a soy latte for the woman behind me, set it on the counter...about three to four inches from my cup.

Immediately I tensed up.

First, there are days I seem to always "be in the way", and by this moment it appeared I was starting another one. The surface she put it on was at least five feet long and a little less than a foot wide... Why so close?

But secondly, and even more so in the forefront of my mind, was the woman slightly behind me waiting for the latte.

I had a very distinct impression that she would balk at having her soy latte being placed a little too close to me.

Within three seconds, I heard her say to the barista, "I'm sorry. Could you make that again. I'm sorry. It's just that I'm OCD and you put that cup down too close to the other one. Can you make it again? I'm sorry...!!!"

She then turned and looked at me... "I'm sorry!!"

By that time, it was waaaaay old news. I felt that woman, and knew what she was going to say RIGHT after the barista put the soy latte down in said "danger zone".

Before I could stick my foot in my mouth and say, "Don't worry...some of my best friends are OCD."

I politely as possible: " problem. I knew you were going to say that as soon as she put the drink down."

When and where is the line drawn between being an empath and being psychic? Are they kind of the same thing?


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