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By: Hermes.A
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For many who practice meditation and breathing excercises, it is apparent the many benefits of proper breathing. 

I came across this recently:

"Harish Johari’s book, Breath, Mind and Consciousness, is another toast to this science of breath control (swar yoga). He quotes from the Yoga Kundalyupanishad to explain how controlling breath helps us control the subconscious inner chatter that governs us, by manipulating our animalistic nature."

I haven't read the book yet, but I agree with the idea of manipulating our animalistic nature. My opinion is that one who successfuly manipulates his own nature has little need to manipulate others. Here by manipulating, we of course do not mean to be cruel or domineering, but by understanding the animalistic nature, much like a good rider understand's the nature and personality of his horse. Once understanding is achieve, bonding occurs, and co-operation is possible. Thus it becomes possible to undertake the long journey. When we understand this perspective of our own nature, we also start to understand the nature of others. Some people are  entirely controlled by their animalistic nature, simply meaning that the rider has not yet gained the trust of his ride. Were we to ride alongside them, what would we do? If we understood the nature of their horse, what would we do? If we understood, why the horse is in control and not the rider, what would we show?

Finally, some research has been made into breathing, where possibly one day, technology can be make this available to the masses. Everyday is a step closer to making the esoteric exoteric, to demystify mysticism, and the possible empowerment of everyone.